Dissertation Writing Tips And Tricks: How To Ace Your Project

Writing a dissertation can often be stressful for students as it always feels as if you have a huge project to contend with and you are worried that you will not present your argument or research in the best possible way. However, there are various things that you can do that will make life that bit easier as these tips and tricks will show.

  1. Plan In Advance.
  2. The first tip is to plan everything in advance and never leave it to the last minute. Choose your topic and then stick with it because changing things at the end will lead to a dissertation that is poorly constructed with an argument that simply does not make sense.

  3. Have Your Main Argument In The First Paragraph.
  4. This is one tip that everybody should be aware of. There is a tendency for students to leave their strongest argument to the very end of the dissertation, but this is wrong. Instead, you need to mention it in the first paragraph to give the reader an indication of where this paper is going and the reason for it to exist in the first place. You do not have to go into details here, but at least make it known.

  5. Make Sure Your Argument Is Consistent And Coherent.
  6. Just having a valid point is not enough. Instead, you must make sure that your argument is consistent throughout your dissertation and that the reader can easily understand what it is that you are saying at all times.

  7. Lay It Out To Build Your Argument.
  8. The structure of your argument should follow some basic rules beginning with you laying out the roots of the argument and the reason why you are looking at this topic. You should then look at breaking it up into sections and use credible sources to support your theory. Make sure that each chapter or section has a conclusion to show the reader that you have closed that part of your argument.

  9. Avoid Wasting Time Saying How Great Somebody Is.
  10. As much as possible, avoid paying homage to researchers or authors. You can state how they played a part in research, but try not to gush about them and stick to the reason as to why you are mentioning them in the first place.

  11. Do Not Be Afraid To be Brutal.
  12. Do not be afraid of your argument and do not hide behind sources. You can be brutal with what you are saying as long as you have the evidence to back up your theory. The reader will appreciate that you have structured a strong argument, but they need the research to match up or the entire point of your dissertation will be lost.

  13. Always Provide A Solid Conclusion.
  14. Your conclusion should always act as a recap of your argument and state why you are correct in everything that you have said. This is not about trying to build your ego, but instead it is more to do with showing the reader that you have managed to complete what you set out to do and that it is now up to them to determine if they accept your reasoning.

    By taking these points into consideration it is hoped that your dissertation paper will come across as professional just as long as your actual writing comes up to scratch. Do not fear it, but rather embrace your dissertation and show the reader that you are confident in your argument.