A Selection Of Strong Dissertation Topics Related To Supply Chain Management

Sometimes students get stranded at the very initial stages of academic writing and one of the reasons which this usually happens is lack of topic ideas. With a paradigm shift in academia, learning is no longer teacher-intensive but more of a student centered affair. In this age, a lot is left to students including topic creation as evident in research, dissertation or thesis paper writing. In this regard, it is always upon a student to go out there, conduct a topic research and come up with something admissible in academia. This means that, you must be exceptional at your work if you want to come up with something good at the end of the day. However, it should also be noted that some topic require a lot of time in terms of admissibility check and quality. For instance, business related dissertation topics always require a lot of patience on the side of students so that one can narrow down to something specific and that which is researchable.

Well, over the years, supplies and purchases have become one and the same thing, thanks to an increasing need for efficiency in business whereby quality is the key and speed is also important. However, when it comes to supply chain management as a subject, you have got to look into many things beyond efficiency. For example, you have got to look into the cost that one is likely to incur in a supply chain and time it would take for goods to be delivered to recipients. On these premises, any dissertation paper on this subject should be comprehensive. There are many topics you can look into and in this post, we propose some strong dissertation topics related to supply chain management, take a look.

  • Examine the role the role of supply chain management in business outsourcing

  • Evaluating risks involved in a supply chain

  • Evaluation of the use of technology in modern supply chain systems

  • Supply chain and business logistics: Examining the relations

  • Supply chain in the automobile industry: Investigating tax evasion cases in motor vehicle exports and their impacts on cost incurred in procurement

  • Barriers to implementation of an efficient supply management system

  • Evaluating effects of information dissemination and sharing among intermediaries in a supply chain

  • Supply chain performance parameters: Evaluating strategies for cost reduction in supply chain in automobile exports and imports in China