Recommendations On Writing A Dissertation Proposal On Cloud Computing

Some schools do not require graduate students to write a dissertation proposal. Nevertheless, it’s a great exercise that will impress your academic advisor and help you compose a strong paper. If you are going to write your work on cloud computing, having a decent proposal will help you organize your ideas and understand what information you should include in your writing.

How to Write Your Dissertation Proposal: Step-By-Step Guidelines

First of all, you should check what your course specifically requires and follow your professor’s requirements carefully. Second, you should remember what important parts to include in your document. They are:

  • Your dissertation working title.
  • Cloud computing is a broad topic, so you should narrow it down and formulate a specific topic that you are going to focus on.

  • Study objectives.
  • You should provide no more than three main objectives. It also makes sense to include a rationale at this stage. In other words, explain a logical basis for your study.

  • Background information.
  • Cloud computing is quite a new technology, so you should provide some explanation on how it works, why the technology is useful, and what aspect of it you are going to study precisely.

  • Some key research ideas.
  • Here, you should provide your research question and some ideas about how you can answer it. Make sure to clearly outline your research area.

  • Main methods and approaches.
  • Most dissertations on cloud computing include an application of a certain technology. You are required to explain what technology you are going to use, what data you may need, and how you will evaluate your results.

  • Potential results.
  • You need to summarize what kind of results you hope to obtain, keeping your audience in mind.

Final Comments and Tips

You may be required to outline how you are going to manage your research and how much time you will need to complete each of its stages. It is a good idea to create a Gantt chart or a mind map into your dissertation proposal. Make sure to stay realistic and reserve a week or two for revising and editing your paper.

Your academic adviser may also ask you to add a bibliography list. It should contain the key publications on your study topic. Sometimes, it makes sense to add a list of software that you are going to use in order to get the outcomes. Do not forget to mention any technical documentation that you may require.