How to Write the Best Acknowledgement for a Dissertation in Psychology

Writing an acknowledgement for a dissertation in psychology or any topic for that matter is the time when you can thank everyone who contributed to your success in completing this project. A successful acknowledgement will consider everyone from your family and friends to the professors who aided in your work so when you arrive at this point in your work consider following these steps to writing the best acknowledgement section possible.

Family, friends, acquaintances and pets

Writing a work as large as a dissertation is the compilation of many long days of research work and composition. During this time you will have made sacrifices in your personal life in order to do the work that is truly necessary to be successful.

Family and close friends

When you are composing your acknowledgement consider these sacrifices that you have made as well as your family and friends and make sure to mention them in your acknowledgement. Remember those acquaintances as well who you would regularly meet with for friendly conversation as they can also be included.

Loyal pets

Finally, if you had a loyal pet who sat by your side throughout the entire process remember them as well when you compose the acknowledgement.

It is always better to include too many people than to risk missing someone important so do not be afraid to be wordy in this section of your writing.

Professors and research partners

The next, and probably the most important section of the acknowledgement are the professors and research partners who helped and guided you throughout your work. These valuable partners provided guidance, coaching and experience throughout the entire process and it is essential that you mention their contributions to your success. During your research it can be beneficial to keep a log of everyone you have worked with or who has contributed their time and resources so that when you are complete, you will have a thorough list of everyone the contributed and will not risk missing anyone in the acknowledgement section of the work.

The acknowledgement section has considerable weight on the finished project so it is essential that you include everyone that contributed to the work. From the professors who coached you through your research activities to the family pet who may have sat next to you while you were compiling your work, make sure to include them all in the acknowledgement.