A Detailed Tutorial On Writing A Dissertation Proposal Related To Social Work

A dissertation proposal is a relatively new requirement for students who are getting ready to get their degree. It has been a great improvement on the whole scheme of dissertations because it assures the student that they are writing something of relevance and gives the student the confidence necessary to spend hours and hours creating their dissertation. This document that you are creating is a summary of what your dissertation is going to prove as well as the process you are going to use to accomplish it. Here is a detailed tutorial on writing a dissertation proposal with regards to social work:

Your dissertation proposal should answer the following questions. Make sure you answer each question as completely as possible and make sure you show confidence in your writing. Act like you know what you are talking and convince the committee that you are worthy of taking on what you are proposing:

  1. What basic questions do you want to explore? Tell what you are going to accomplish by getting these questions answered. This is the basis for your thesis statement.

  2. What are the reasons why it is important for you to explore these questions? How will it help society or research?

  3. What research methods and experiments are you going to use to answer the questions?

  4. What have others already said about the questions you are trying to explore? What have other people stated about the research methods you are going to use?

  5. How will your experiments or methods used to answer these questions be different from how the experiments have already been carried out?

  6. What existing data will be used in answering these questions and where will you get this data from? How will this data be accumulated?

  7. Do you need special permission from organizations, companies, or people to get the information you need to carry out these experiments?

  8. What special equipment will you need to carry out these experiments and have you devised a plan on how you are going to obtain this equipment?

It is important that you are very detailed in how you answer all of these questions. Make sure your answers are complete and convince your committee that you know what you are doing and how you are going to do it.

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