Completing An MBA Dissertation Successfully In Five Steps

The MBA dissertation might be the toughest assignment you will need to complete before earning an MBA on you way towards a career in business or finance. Studies can prepare mentally for months but then begin to falter as they get into the research and writing stages. A lot of this has to do with not planning appropriately for the grueling months ahead. Here’s how to successfully complete this project in five steps:

  1. Develop a long and short term plan and schedule
  2. Get yourself a large yearly planner and break up the major phases of your dissertation projects in groups of months or weeks. Then within each week set a detailed schedule for accomplishing individual tasks. For instance, week one can be devoted to pre-research with two hours committed each day to time spent in the library.

  3. Start your research and take down citation info
  4. Don’t wait to start your research until it’s too late; get started immediately, ensuring that you take down accurate notes with complete citation information. Organize your notes so that you have easier time retrieving information when you create your outline and write your first draft.

  5. Start writing the first draft of your dissertation
  6. Even though the project is long and will require more pages than anything you have written before, you should still practice good writing by composing your first draft as quickly and efficiently as possible before moving on to revising. Get through one complete first draft so that you get all of your ideas down. Afterwards, set the draft aside to give yourself some time to refresh your mind.

  7. Critique your writing and revise your first draft
  8. Now you are ready to return to your first draft and look at it with a critical eye. Don’t become overly attached to any one piece. If you think your document will be improved by removing, rearranging or adding content do so. Keep the reader in mind as you go through revision.

  9. Thoroughly edit, proofread and add finishing touches
  10. Lastly, you will need to spend a significant amount of time editing, proofreading and adding all the finishing touches that will make for a great MBA dissertation. Do each of these exercises in at least three levels: the paper level, the paragraph level, and finally the sentence level. It may help to ask a friend or colleague to read your work to get a second pair of eyes to identify areas for improvement you could have missed.

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