Picking A Powerful Dissertation Topic About Design: 10 Prompts

When it comes to picking a powerful dissertation topic about design, you should take care to select topics that would interest your target audience. On this note, whatever topic you settle for should not only be innovative, but should also be very intriguing and informative. If you unknowingly settle for drab topics, then your paper would not receive the loud ovation you are looking forward to. What then should you do in order to come up with an interesting and unique topic for your paper? There is nothing much to do other than reading through the rest of this article.

Contained in this article are ten different prompts that would make powerful dissertation topics about design. These prompts are as follows:

  • Analyzing the impact of the various television ‘makeover’ programs that give viewers the idea that it takes only a few minutes or couple of days to acquire the skills needed to be expert interior designers.

  • If you would rather go for a dissertation on textile design, you can take a look at the revolution in Britain’s floor covering industry, with more attention on carpets.

  • There are various unique industrial designs that are yet to receive extensive evaluation. This can be an evaluation of a brand kitchen appliance or any other electronic appliance. From stand mixers to microwaves, there is something to evaluate.

  • Trans-generational designs, especially as it relates to mobile devices for the elderly, would also make powerful topics for academic papers.

  • Interior architecture is another area of design students should evaluate through their academic papers, taking into consideration the evolving redevelopment trends in the UK.

  • A paper analyzing and celebrating the life and works of a notable graphic designer. Don’t forget to look at the impact of such designer’s contribution and ideas in the past and present design world.

  • In the area of fashion design, you can take a look at the increasing demand for men’s bespoke outfits on the internet. You can discuss the boom in the industry, analyzing the increase in small firms offering such outfits online.

  • Failed design proposal is something lots of establishments battle with every now and then. You can base your paper on the cause of these failures and precautionary measures to be taken. Make sure to include a case study.

  • Evoking emotions through designs. The various interactive mobile devices tend to evoke that ‘gotta have it’ reaction and your dissertation can analyze the reason for such reactions from target customers.

  • The use of fonts on the internet. Over time, there are two most accepted font types which are Arial and Times New Roman. You can analyze the similarities between both fonts, their history, and the possibility of replacing them with other font types and sizes.