How To Create A Good Literature Dissertation Abstract

Before you go on to create your superb dissertation, you will be required to present an abstract that the assessor will use as a guide when assessing your work. First of all, you need to know what an abstract is and then how to create a good one.

For starters, a dissertation abstract is a presentation that describes your work in a compressed way possible. This is how you give your readers specific expectations. Through the abstract the reader should be able to tell what your dissertation will entail from the start to the end. Consider it as a summary of the whole document.

Some students fail to acknowledge that the abstract is not just a mere introduction and guideline to your thesis, but should also be able to act as a substitute of the whole thesis in case one doesn’t have time or space for the full text.

  • The Abstract Size
  • The thing about abstracts is that you cannot just write a long piece, in fact there are standards and you need to confirm this with your assessor in order to get it right. The number of words will depend on the course of study; for Masters Thesis its normally ranges to 150 words, while 350 for the Doctorate Thesis. Ensure that you have one sentence summarizing each chapter of your dissertation.

  • The Abstract Structure
  • The structure of a dissertation abstract follows on the structure of the main document without any alterations. Ensure that you follow the exact structure of your Thesis. You also need to find out the writing style to be used for your thesis before you complete your abstract. Never mix up writing styles in your thesis as it will cost you marks.

    Clearly state your research questions at the beginning of the abstract. You should also pay attention and remember to present the results of your research. Please take note that the ideal purpose of your dissertation abstract is presenting what you managed to find out, the research methodology and data is what you use as the proof of your findings. Use the last half part of your abstract to summarize and interpret your research results.

You can always get a clear concept by looking at some of the previously done abstract. Creating a good dissertation abstract needs time and hard work, for more information you can visit this company.