How To Compose A Good Dissertation Title: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing a dissertation may seem like the easy part for some students, but for others coming up with a good title may be a challenge. There are a few things to consider when coming up with a good name for your work. You want the title to be strong and something others will remember. It should say what your work is about but have an element of interest or something that will make others want to read it. It should have a hint or something in relation to your main idea to give others a reason why your work needs to be read. Here are some steps to consider during the title development process.

Find Dissertation Projects to Study

To get an idea of what kind of title you can have for your content, find sample papers to study and take notes. Students often do this when they need ideas for topic development, but the title is just as important. You can choose how to develop content based on samples you like. The sample can be used as a model to develop an outline for your topic.

Brainstorm Ideas Based on Your Subject

When you know your subject well enough you can take notes on developing titles. You can come up with words and phrases to consider including in your content. If you like ideas set them off to the side and think about it. Come back to them later and reconsider which options stood out the most. Try to take pieces of details you came up with and work them into a title.

Think about a Detail that Should Standout

What is something people should know that can stand out in the title? You may have an idea of what to include based on brainstorming and other details related to your main idea. This can be a word, name or short phrase that is significant to the subject matter behind your work. You may know more about this detail when you complete the paper from start to finish.

Draft a Few Ideas and Make a Choice

Some students come up with a draft title at the beginning of the assignment. When they have the completed product they consider changing the title to make it fit the work better. You may have ideas on a potential title based on personal knowledge you can work into your final title.