Coming Up With Brilliant Ideas For Education Dissertations

The education field is quite competitive, and thus it stands to reason you would want something just brilliant for the topic of your paper. You want it to stand out from the crowd as well as being unique and compelling. There are several different categories within education you could choose from, dividing the entire field into age groups or grades is the most common for dissertations.

Great education dissertation ideas for your paper:

  • Has the implementation of the Montessori Method into pre-school improved the educational system for this age group of students?

  • Do pre-schoolers coming out of the Montessori program fare better with math and language results than children who haven’t been through the program?

  • Should preschool become mandatory just like primary schooling is?

  • Should preschool age start much earlier, for example 18-24 months instead of the currently accepted 4 year age?

  • Should topics such as money management strategies and business studies be added to the primary school educational curriculum?

  • Should primary schools be adding subjects such as green living, energy conservation and environment preservation?

  • How does the formal primary education available to students compare to what was available to their parents more than two decades ago?

  • Should the practice of standardized testing be continued or eliminated in the secondary school system? What are the pros and cons of this strategy for analyzing the educational status of demographic groups?

  • Is there a benefit to placing failing students with high achievers? Do overall scores increase for the students with failing grades? What effect is there for the high achievers?

  • Have college and university courses in the business field kept up with the information age or are they still lagging far behind in the industrial age?

  • Should tuition fees be frozen or better still should they be eliminated and make education free to all.

  • Should post-secondary education or training be mandatory?

  • A looming labor shortage is predicted; how are universities preparing and how will it affect rates of new students?

  • Is a student in private school more likely to develop socially and experience greater character and personality formation than a student in public school?

  • Are scholarships for private school more appealing than those for public school; does this affect the choice made by gifted and talented students of where they will attend school?