How To Choose Strong MBA Dissertation Topics In Logistics?

Every MBA candidate who is required to select a good topic for their logistics dissertation is aware of the fact that this step will affect their future. This is going to be their initial research that will be identified with in future and they are going to be judged on the basis of the quality of their work. Though there are plenty of subjects to choose from in the stream of logistics, it pays to go for the best ones. However, there are plenty of hints and tips that are capable of showing you what needs to be done.

Focusing on the Present Ideas

  • Any kind of research that is going to be conducted needs to broaden the information base for the field of logistics. Moreover, your contribution must come under the subject’s scope in the best possible way.

  • It is your duty to ensure that the subject matter you choose does not merely restate facts that already have been proven in the past by other researchers.

  • Your choice must be reader-friendly. They should take an active interest in the subject and for this reason, you should pick out topics which you think will reel them in.

  • It is important for your studies to reveal some new details and you can use them as a frame of reference.

Considering the Methodology Used

You must be careful to ascertain whether or not the methods used in the course of your research complemented the main theory and vice versa. It is for this reason that students are recommended to develop their theory as well as their methods at the same time which simplifies the entire process. It is up to your discretion to pick out a theoretical structure that requires further study and then find suitable research methods for the same.

Stating Your Questions

As a student of logistics, you must be aware of the fact that your questions should never be developed as a close-ended question. If they do, then you have come up with a hypothesis rather than a dissertation with no content to show for the same.

Checking Research Quality

You have to make sure that the logistics subject you picked out for your MBA is entirely new and unique. It must be of good quality and should have the potential to pique the interest of the readers. Be careful in understanding that not every untouched logistics topic automatically becomes a potential subject matter; there might be a good reason why such obvious topics were not chosen in the first place. Make sure you brainstorm before arriving at a final decision.