List Of Successful Dissertation Titles For Management Students

As you might already know, crafting a great dissertation in the field of management comes down to a number of factors. Students must maintain focus and discipline for several months. They need to ensure they write at a high academic standard, and they need to be sure to pick a great, original topic to research. Here are some dissertation title ideas in management for you to consider for your own work:

  1. How effective has the Latern systematic approach been in the development of effective management and organizational structure? Provide key examples of both its success and failure. Are there contradictory approaches that have been more successful?

  2. Research the need for corporations to concentrate on distinguishing management from leadership to achieve business strategies effectively? Choose a specific industry from which to take your examples.

  3. Provide a case study on a company of your choice and discuss whether its success can be attributed to leadership philosophy or some other factor. Can either be applied to similar companies with different management structures?

  4. During difficult economic times when corporations face the threat of having to downsize how do different management styles help keep corporations running efficiently? Use specific examples to demonstrate your point.

  5. Analyze the most successful companies within a particular industry (e.g., food, mining, health, etc.) and how the strategic management methods are unique to that industry. Can some strategies apply to other industries?

  6. Provide a case study on a company of your choice and discuss how leadership decision and organizational culture has led to successful brand reinvention. What have been some of the challenges faced by said companies?

  7. Analyze the management paradigm that proposes the existence of multiple leaders in management positions. Has this led to increased or decreased productivity? Specify where companies have succeeded or failed in adjusting philosophies.

  8. Discuss the development of a common language for leadership among those in management positions towards the enhancement of teamwork. Provide evidence from success stories in the field.

  9. Discuss how the concept of adaptive thinking has taken off as an innovative management style. Use key examples from companies that have made it a point to use this strategy in the last decade.

  10. Analyze how strategies that are “resource-based” are dependent on specific types of corporate structures where a company can leverage its resource for profit. Give some examples from an industry of your choice.