Social Work Dissertation Topics: 22 Unique Examples

Social work dissertation topics generally revolve around employment. Furthermore, the ambition of people to take their organization to elevated heights is also the question of concern for them. Research students should conduct their research after visiting the NGO or social welfare organizations. It will help them to understand the issues by heart while getting requisite solution.

Check out 22 unique dissertation examples on runaway children-

  • What are the chief reasons or circumstances that make children run away from home?

  • What are the most severe problems faced by children after they are found absconding?

  • How NGO can support the runaway children?

  • What is the after-effect on society after any children is found missing?

  • Discuss various criminal activities that take place with these children on social level?

  • What is the survival rate of runaway children? Is it low or high? How do they survive?

  • How the runaway children are treated? How their future is affected as a result of mistreatment?

  • What is the role of NGO in bringing back such children?

  • How these children are exported outside the country? How their behavior changes after they are rescued by NGO?

  • Is there any special background runaway children are from?

  • What are the various issues faced by the NGO in handling the behavior of absconding children?

  • Conduct a research on Lahore runaway children?

  • How incentives are measured for runaway children? What part of incentives they are offered of their own earning?
Which is the major sector of society that is accountable for robbing these children? What are the various ways these children are exploited? Discuss them in terms of gender differences?
  • Check some other Social work dissertation topics-

    • What is the role of politicians in promoting criminal activities in country? How much successful NGOs are in dealing with such a situation?

    • What are the various causes of Youth recidivism? How such cases can be prevented?

    • How healthcare of older women are taken care in a(specifically mention one country) country? How they are treated in old age homes?

    • What problems abuse face while reintegrating with the society? Discuss the case in terms of personal, social and emotional levels?

    • What are basic services provided to immigrants? How NGO deal with such situations in bringing back the situation to normal?

    • What are the various job opportunities that survivors of domestic violence face? How NGO can assist them?

    • How fair it is for a childhood sexual abuse victim to answer the questions related with sexual harassment? Do all these questions leave a further bitter impact on their mindset?

    • Should topic of adolescents be discussed openly before they enter this stage?